About Us

Women in Prison (WIP) is a national charity that delivers support for women affected by the criminal justice system in prisons, in the community and through our Women's Centres. We campaign to end the harm caused to women, their families and our communities by imprisonment..

Our Vision

Our Vision is of a society which no longer accepts the structural inequalities that lead women and girls into contact with the criminal justice system. 

Our Purpose

We work collaboratively in the community, custody and in prisons with women and girls facing structural inequalities through programmes and campaigns that challenge and change oppressive systems.

Our Values

Change can happen

We are resilient and driven because we know that transformational change must and can happen for women who are facing criminalisation.  

We actively strive to be feminist and antiracist

We recognise, acknowledge, include, and celebrate the power, strength and diversity of women and challenge oppressive systems of privilege.  We are committed to end racism in all its forms and to challenge where we see inequality and injustice.    

We represent the world we want to see

We listen and learn with each other and the communities we exist for and continuously challenge ourselves so that our work, and the ways that we work, represent a world where all women are met with care, dignity and compassion.    

We build women’s collective power

We work courageously and collaboratively to share power and voice in our programmes and influencing work and build the power as women together, to challenge structural injustice.