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Women in Prison’s vision is a society which no longer accepts the structural inequalities that lead women and girls into contact with the criminal justice system. This is not possible without your support.

Please help us to achieve our vision. There is no amount or action too small. Scroll down to explore the options and see how you can contribute.


By donating to Women in Prison, you are investing in support we know enables women to take control of their lives, as well as supporting us to campaign for broadscale change that helps women in contact with the justice system.


Be part of driving transformational change for women facing criminalisation, their families and our communities.

If you’re interested in making a major donation to Women in Prison, we would love to have a conversation with you about the work you would like to support.

We will send you updates about how your contribution is making a difference and invite you to support our campaigns, learn more through our updates, and read stories of women with lived experience of the criminal justice system.

To discuss a major donation or grant, please get in touch with our Fundraising Team.

Leave a gift in your will

Consider leaving a gift in your will to Women in Prison and help us to create transformational change with and for women swept up in the criminal justice system.

We understand that leaving a gift in your will is a big decision that requires careful consideration. If you’d like to discuss a legacy gift with Women in Prison, please get in touch with our Fundraising Team.

Your support and generosity will help us to end the harm of prison for women, their families and our communities.

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We are grateful for every contribution, which can be through amplifying our impact and campaigns. Every social media message re-posted, every email forwarded, and every story shared helps us to raise awareness about the harms of prison on women’s lives. You can follow us on LinkedIn, X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram and Facebook, or sign up to our newsletter in the footer below.

None of our work would be possible without you. Thank you for your support as we work towards creating transformational change for women swept up in the criminal justice system.