Inquest of Charlotte Nokes

The conclusion of the inquest into the death of Charlotte Nokes

On the 3rd March 2020 the inquest into the death of Charlotte Nokes concluded. More information about the inquest and the response from Charlotte’s family can be found here on Inquest’s website.

Dr Kate Paradine, CEO of Women in Prison said in response to the conclusion:

“In a humane justice system Charlotte Nokes would not have died in prison. Charlotte had served her recommended 15 month sentence, but she was still in prison eight and a half years later. Sadly this experience is all too common for people imprisoned on IPP sentences, many of whom have shared they have experienced the same feelings of hopeless despair as Charlotte.

Political cowardice and a failure of cross party leadership has left a deep stain on our justice system which must be put right. Every person in prison under IPP should now have their case reviewed, given a release date or legal sentence and be provided with dedicated specialist support in prison and in the community after release to help rebuild their lives.”