Ministry of Justice confirms funding for women's services

Ministry of Justice announces funding for Women’s Support Services and a Women’s Residential Centre in Wales

Dr Kate Paradine, CEO of the charity Women in Prison said:

“The resources we allocate now must align with our vision for the future: a fairer, more just society where everyone can thrive. Community support services like women’s centres play a core role in building this, providing care and support to people who are left out of our current system. The emergency funding announced today is the first step, but the women centre network will need long term sustainable funding if it is going to continue playing an integral role in repairing the harm experienced in our communities before and during this crisis.

As we navigate the current coronavirus crisis unfolding across the prison estate, now is the time to choose to get this right. It is crucial that where we have networks of community-based support, like women’s centres, that we use these to support the urgent prison releases and reduction in the prison population that we desperately need to protect those in prison and in our communities.

For every new community support service and centre we create, they must be a place of support and repair, and not cause further harm. This must start with giving people the choice to use support services in the way that they decide allows them to heal. For many people, this will involve being in their own home with their families and community.

Today’s announcement could mark a turning point. Now the Government must take this opportunity to save lives and protect our NHS by radically reducing the women’s prison population.”


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