PROCESSIONS: Make More Noise!

Celebrating the centenary of the Suffragettes

Women in Prison was delighted to join thousands of women and girls for a once-in-a-lifetime mass participation artwork to celebrate the success of the Suffragette movement.

WIP was very fortunate to be one of the participants of PROCESSIONS - a living artwork as women gathered together to recreate the first march of the Suffragettes through London. We had to wear a sash of either green, white or violet as we marched to recreate the Suffragette flag when photographed from above. WIP was also asked to create one of 100 specially designed banners to mark the occasion.

Women in HMP Foston Hall, the Beth Centre in London and Anawim Women's Centre in Birmingham worked together to stitch, craft and design a beautiful and striking banner which we named FREEDOM. Support by the professional seamstress Lucy Tammam, we were inspired by the branding and colours used by the Suffragettes as well as symbols to represent the fights and struggle for women who are affected by the criminal justice system today.

Through this project we learnt a lot and were heavily inspired by the strategy, strong identity, branding and creativity used my the Suffragette to win campaigns. We hope that our banner will raise awareness of the barriers that women today still face as well as the fact that women in prison are still not entitled to vote.