Talking about women in contact with the criminal justice system

We all know an important part of influencing change is engaging with the media and changing the hearts and minds of the general public. Over recent years, a ‘tough on crime’ climate and rhetoric has led to an over-reliance on prison and more people have been drawn into the criminal justice system. This is despite overwhelming evidence showing time and time again that this doesn’t address why people commit crime in the first place or often, prevent reoffending.

This can and must change. We know that when people understand the root causes of offending and the full picture of a person’s life, then they favour solutions that work.

Honing the way we communicate about women swept into the criminal justice system is an essential step to making sensible changes a reality. And this guide aims to help you do just that!

Based on research done by the Frameworks Institute and building on further findings by Transform Justice, this guide aims to help you communicate effectively with the public.

With thanks to Liz Kearsely

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