Women in Prison responds to the inquest of Serena Maria Nicolle

On the 27 April 2021 the inquest into the death of Serena Maria Nicolle concluded. More information about the inquest and the response from Serena’s family can be found here on Inquest’s website.

Dr Kate Paradine, CEO of Women in Prison said in response to the conclusion:

“Serena suffered from both chronic physical and mental ill health yet tragically she was isolated in a cell and left without the medical care she so clearly needed. In the past five years 61 women* have died in prison. How many more families need to face the loss of a loved one before the Government acts?

“There is another way. The government can and must halt its plans to build 500 new prison places and instead support women in the community - replacing a system of cruelty with one of care.”


*Since 2016 61 women have died in prison.