Chop Chop Chop

by Slimmas

Chop. Chop. Chop.
I kitted up. Put on my protective armour.
Goggles. Gloves. And only the sharpest knife will do.
You see, I’m about to battle with these soldiers from the earth.
Deceptive soldiers these enemies be.
They contain a vicious thing – one that cuts the soul within.

So many layers to their attack but with this knife I am fighting back.
Each layer I mince is a part of me.
The child that was enslaved in insecurities.
I chop and I chop away the pain because;
My pleas were all in vain
I cried tears of freedom you see because just like mother these onions will not defeat me.

So furiously I plunge the smiling blade in the core of the enemies beneath me.
Immense pain and anger are all that greets me.
Flash back to the past when mother would beat me.
I told her I didn’t but she never believed me.
After her mere apology she turned around and deceived me.
Now, with this soul soaked blade I am slaughtering the monster that made me.

I am cutting through the prison that now homes me.
And I’m dicing through the crap that posh Judge told me.
Public humiliation is what the system showed me.
I sat with sealed lips crippled by the facts by QC told me.
But oh I wish I could roll back the curtains which unfold my destiny.
Because I’d surely go back and tell my story.

A little onion. Yes I may be but just like these onions my surface does not define the layers within me.