HMP and ME

by Slimmas

HMP and ME

Prison wasn’t made for dogs I see
Well that’s if you let your pride and inhibitions go free
Three square meals a day, no thanks, only the hot meal for me

A lot of time to be bored so sit back and immerse yourself in daytime TV
Or perhaps tune in to NPR that’s prison radio to you and me
For the readers; sexual erotic fantasies
Anything to make prison life a bit easy

I look through the window and see the world that be
Never once imagined this would be me
They can lock the locks but they can’t stop the clocks my friends will shout to me
But I don’t mind the time
As I’m reinventing a new me

Cos yes my body may be slave to this captivity
But who says my mental state has to be
I can be or feel whatever I deem it be
And I know there are people in civilisation living a more imprisoned life than me

They can’t arrest you for your thoughts, oh the irony!
Today I’ll go to the gym and tomorrow, who knows, the same damn thing
In passing I may have a quick conversation before the officer shouts “keep moving ladies!”

The regime and structure
A safe predictability
Until the inevitable disruption, chaos and anarchy
A fight. Ambulance call out for the spice girls.
Or the fire service for the girl who’s known as the Fire Starter

If you don’t laugh you cry. Or screw face at your enemy who’s passing by
Yes prison life is a new entity not even EastEnders could predict our everyday reality.