Only Thirteen

by Miss Otmani

If I could turn back time
To the age of thirteen
When I contemplated writing
A letter to our Queen
Wanting to let her know
My family life was a lie
And to remove me from the household
For I just wanted to die
Living in a house
Endless abuse and violence
Yearning day after day
For just a few minutes silence
Would she even have listened?
Would the Queen have heard my plea?
I'm only thirteen
And they're all picking on me
I said to my Father
"I'm going to write to the Queen"
He said "don't be silly girl
You are only thirteen"
Living with a no good mother
Bitter, twisted and sad
But I wanted John, the funny guy
The gentle man, my Dad
My Father passed away in 1984
My age was just thirteen
And now I wish I'd written
That letter to the Queen
I didn't want her money
Or to live in her home
Perhaps a better Mother
And some time to call my own
Somewhere I wouldn't be beaten
Abused or even starved
You think my life's been easy
Hell no! It's been hard
Whilst the Queen was eating Caviar
I was raiding the neighbour's bins
Only now I've been convicted
Of one of the 7 deadly sins
Now the boot is on the other foot
The Queen has given me a home
With 300 other women
But I want to be alone
Here in this living space
Provided by our Queen
But I'd like to go back
To the age of Thirteen
These walls I have to live within
For 17 plus years
They listen to my nightmares
My dreams and my fears
If only I'd sent my letter to the Queen
She may have just replied
I could've had a better life
And my Dad need not have died
This was my thinking
At Thirteen years young
When I should have been happy
Playing and having lots of fun
If I knew then
What I know now
I would've gotten my letter
To the Queen somehow
Trying to battle through
Amidst this chaos and strife
I'm just a distance Mother
In this lonely hopeless life