The Longest Day: Letter 1

Dear Diary,

Today I wake up at 7.30am to serve the girls breakfast at Bronzefield. It consist of toast, cereal and milk. I didn’t have breakfast then I sweep, mop, wipe sides, wash up, take off my chef whites with hairnet, gloves, could start a new fashion trend lol then I have a coffee and fag in room that small and cramp, have a wee at 8.45am. I take my medication for antidepressant, antibiotic (spot) then at 9am the officers gather us to tell us last night a lady passed away. She didn’t do it herself. She was 55 from XXX. I changed my bed around at 9.30am. I go to work in reception packing, stacking, tidying up. Not much to do today so got back at 10am.

Cleaned my room on XXX, write this journal to you, got told off by nurse as I didn’t make a medication effort last night then again got told off for not knocking at nurse’s office just barge in to say, “Miss, weigh me.” She had a client shamo embarrassing. Also put my washing in as wash day today then at 10.30am I got to go to my recovery group smart on HB3 to engage, learn, talk about addiction. We get sweets yum. Cleaned my nails. I have a routine now. Prison rescue me. Then at 11.45am I serve lunch to the girls which was rice pudding and fish and chips and peas and tea then a girl shouted at me saying my man owes her money. What’s it to do with me. I’m working on self, he can stay in addiction. Then I mop, sweep, wash up, wipe sides, put tools away then at 12.45pm, lock up while screws have lunch so got my bedding. Going to make bed change sheets, watching Bargain Hunters Channel One, have a fag, put my washing in of sheets as well post a letter.

Then I read the Bible. “The king finds pleasure in a servant who acts with insight.” Proverbs CH14 v35. Then I went to Church from 2.30pm – 3.30pm then work where I made food for a new arrival and coffee and their pack of tea, coffee, whiteners, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and give them and talk to them. Hi, bye, how are you? You new recall then at 5pm went in the outside association a square box and sunbathed then at 5.30pm lock up. So ate my dinner: peanut butter bagel, crisp biscuits, water, then I had a bath at 6pm then 7pm. I exercise squats and sit ups and dancing then at 8pm I done colouring. I take in the train noises and the birds singing.

I also read a letter from my family shock and surprise.

xxx Signing off now, D xxx