The Longest Day: Letter 2

So here’s our entry. Carly and I are friends from road anyway and were on a slippery slope to nowhere. I hope you like a view of a day of our inside life.

Jen, Carly

Canteen day! Yipee. So finally we have Bacey and biscuits.

Breakfast the usual rice crispies and toast and jam. It was rush rush rush this morning, canteen, meds and getting ready for work.

So off to work we went nice and full and nicotine levels back to normal. LoL

Lunch was chicken and chips yummy then we had a few vultures come in our room as word got around about our bounty of biscuits but why are some just friendly on canteen day. LoL Think we (the gruesome duosome LoL) are soft. We think not.

Bible study, women of destiny was great and Pastor Ian asked if anyone knew what was special about today. So I raised my hand and informed everyone that it’s the longest day of the year/Summer Solstice. Needless to say there were a few jokes about us not needing any of our days in here to be longer. LoL

After lunch I went to my Alcohol Awareness group and Carly went to Gym. I also had the Well Woman Clinic, best to get everything checked out. I guess.

We may both have to ask our mums for some financial assistance as I’ve had to go part time in the call centre and Carly only getting £1.20 a day at the mo LoL. Prison wages the only job! 4½ weeks left so not too long now.

I am so glad that me and Carly are here together and making most of sorting ourselves out ready for a better future.

The world is certainly an interesting place and God is firmly in ours and it feels good.

Night Bronzefield.